Project students, Masters Thesis and ERASMUS+ Trainees
Our research aim is to test the hypothesis whether certain transmembrane domains with palmitoylation sites proximate to the TM/cytoplasmic interface induce/enhance formation of branched cellular protrusions. For this we use two approaches: (1) bioinformatic identification of candidates followed by an overexpression screen in cell culture. (2) experimental identification using Drosophila; here we are establishing a novel approach for the identification of palmitoylated proteins in a cell-specific manner. We are seeking project students (e.g. lab-rotation, minimum 2 months) or students for masters thesis projects either with experience in bioinformatics (protein characterisation/modelling/structure based search) or molecular cell biology/biochemistry.


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Contact details: Christoph Metzendorf - christoph.metzendorf [ aT ] or Felix Wieland - Felix.Wieland [ aT ]