Postdocs, PhD and Master students


Our research group is focused on studying how the vascular and the nervous system communicate and regulate each other. We are mainly interested in understanding (i) the signaling pathways and cellular mechanisms that angiogenic molecules exert in neuronal cells and (ii) the communication between the vascular and nervous systems during development. For this, we are using a combination of mouse genetics, organotypic cultures, cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology approaches. We are currently seeking a Postdoc and motivated students who are willing to join a young international research group in a highly dynamic working environment (with English as main language). The ideal candidate should be willing to work with mice and have a biochemical and molecular biology background.


Please send a complete CV, a summary of previous studies and research, and the contact information of two reference persons to: Carmen Ruiz de Almodóvar Office: +49 6221 54-4750 Mail: carmen.ruizdealmodovar [ aT ]