Two postdoc positions available NOW



We are looking for 2 highly-motivated postdoc candidates to work on our recently funded project “human pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons as a tool to study central and peripheral nociceptive mechanisms”. Our project is part of the 2nd funding period of the Heidelberg Pain Consortium SFB1158 (                                                                          


Deriving human neurons from pluripotent stem cells has become an essential tool to study mechanisms of brain disease, to validate findings in a human-cell background, and to assess efficacy, toxicity and tolerance of newly-developed drugs. Our project aims to develop and use this technology in the context of pain research. We plan to implement and use novel protocols to differentiate multiple types of peripheral and central neuronal and non-neuronal cells essential to study pain, co-culture systems to reconstitute rudimentary networks, and a pipeline for analysis that involves RNAseq, electrophysiology, imaging, and super-resolution microscopy. Experience in one or several of the following areas would be preferably but not necessary:


- Human ESC or iPSC culture techniques

- Patch clamp/calcium imaging

- RNAseq analysis

- CRISPR/gene targeting techniques

- Super-resolution microscopy


Candidates should send their CV, a brief description of their research background & interests and names/contact of referees to:

katrin.schrenk-siemens [ aT ]; acuna [ aT ]


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