Research Interests

The Teleman lab studies the regulation of tissue growth and organismal metabolism using Drosophila as a model system. In particular, it focuses on the insulin/PI3K/TOR signaling pathway. Since this pathway regulates both growth and metabolism, it is highly clinically relevant, affecting development of both cancer and metabolic disease. The lab aims to identify novel components of this pathway and to elucidate their physiological relevance and molecular mechanism of action. It aims to combine a broad range of tools, from cell-culture based biochemistry and RNAi screens, to gene-knockout technology and whole-animal physiological assays. This allows to bridge the divide between molecular interactions and whole-animal effects. Since this pathway is highly conserved, molecularly and functionally, from flies to humans, the lab aims to exploit the powerful genetic tools of Drosophila to uncover biology relevant to human development and disease