Molecular orientation affects localization accuracy in superresolution far-field fluorescence microscopy
Authors: Engelhardt J, Keller J, Hoyer P, Reuss M, Staudt T, Hell SW
CellNetworks People: Hell Stefan
Journal: Nano Lett. 2011 Jan 12;11(1):209-13. doi: 10.1021/nl103472b

We investigate the cooperative effect of molecular tilt and defocus on fluorophore localization by centroid calculation in far-field superresolution microscopy based on stochastic single molecule switching. If tilt angle and defocus are unknown, the localization contains systematic errors up to about ±125 nm. When imaging rotation-impaired fluorophores of unknown random orientation, the average localization accuracy in three-dimensional samples is typically limited to about ±32 nm, restricting the attainable resolution accordingly.