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Posted November 17 2017
The Support Team for bwForCluster MLS&WISO and SDS@hd invite you to a common meeting of HPC users (also called 'bwForTreff') and SDS@hd users. READ MORE
Posted November 14 2017
Ruperto Carola´s President invites CellNetworks Members Prof. Dr. Marius Lemberg, Prof. Dr. Gislene Pereira, and Prof. Dr. Karsten Rippe to the Old University´s auditorium. Congratulations! READ MORE
Posted November 14 2017
The annual Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences (HMLS) Investigator Award is awarded to an outstanding scientist who is actively engaged in Life Science research in Heidelberg. The award recognizes excellence in two allied areas: research and strategic development in the Life Sciences in Heidelberg. Nominees are eligible for this program if they succeeded in initiating innovative actions for fostering scientific career development of undergraduates, graduates, PhDs, and Postdocs. READ MORE
Posted October 30 2017
Rapid information transfer is vital for the inner workings of body tissues. With computer simulations, researchers from Colombia and Germany found that mechanical pulses travel through membranes for biologically relevant distances at the speed of sound. The researchers think that membranes could serve as a tin can telephone for the cell. READ MORE
Posted October 30 2017
Plant researchers study gene which – if out of control – can contribute to cancer spread Two such different organisms as plants and humans developed from a common precursor cell. Traces of this over one-billion-year kinship remain anchored in the genetic material of both organisms. An international team of plant researchers led by Dr Markus Wirtz and Prof. Dr Rüdiger Hell of Heidelberg University has looked more closely into one such trace – the TOR protein. In human and animal cells, TOR acts as a signal generator that controls both survival and cell growth. The Heidelberg researchers have now discovered how this protein also functions as a growth regulator in plants. READ MORE
Posted October 25 2017
The 12. Bertalanffy Lecture at COS will start on October 26, 2017, with Miguel L. Allende (Center for Genome Regulation, Universidad de Chile). On Thursday, he will give a lecture for high school students on "Looking for fish in the wrong places: from salt pans to dried up ponds". On October 27, 2017, he'll talk about "Exploring the genomes of South American Cyprinidontiform fish displaying unique life histories". Both lectures start at 2 pm. On Thursday in the Ludwig von Bertalanffy Lecture Hall, Im Neuenheimer Feld 230 and on Friday in room 00.005, Im Neuenheimer Feld 230. READ MORE
Posted October 24 2017
The Center of Biomedicine and Medical Technology Mannheim of the Medical Faculty Mannheim, Heidelberg University celebrates its 10th anniversary with a scientific symposium. 10. NOV. 2017, 10AM-5PM ALTE BRAUEREI, H02 RÖNTGENSTRASSE 7, MANNHEIM, GERMANY READ MORE
Posted October 24 2017
Save the Date! We warmly invite you to the CellNetworks Core Facilities Symposium on October 25th, 2017, 1 p.m., Marsilius Kolleg INF 130.1. After the success of the two Core Facility symposia in 2015 and 2016, you have once again the chance to find out about the services and potentials of the CellNetworks Core Facilities. READ MORE
Posted October 17 2017
BIOspective - M. Sc. Molecular Bioscience is hosting Prof. Dr. Most who will give a talk on the "Discovery and translation of the S100A1-based heart failure therapy - an unexpected personal and professional journey". Venue: SR041 BioQuant Date and Time: October 30, 2017, 6 p.m. READ MORE
Posted October 17 2017
How Switches Work in Bacteria. Researchers of KIT, Heidelberg University, and Freie Universität Berlin Analyze Structure and Dynamics of Riboswitches in Light Optical Single-molecule Experiments READ MORE
Posted October 13 2017
The Chica and Heinz Schaller Research Award is an annual prize given to a promising young scientist for achievements in the biomedical sciences. The applicant should have a proven track record documenting independent research performed at the University or associated research institutions in Heidelberg. The candidate is selected by Foundation members at their annual meeting in November. The 2016 prize was awarded to Dr. Matthias Fischer of the MPI for Medical Research in Heidelberg. We are currently accepting applications for the 2017 prize. Please check the requirements section or contact us for more information.The closing date is October 31st, 2017. READ MORE
Posted October 09 2017
April 16-18, 2018, Studio Villa Bosch in Heidelberg. Registration is now open for the 'Biological Diffusion and Brownian Dynamics Brainstorm 4 (BDBDB 4)' at We invite you to participate and to submit abstracts for contributed talks and posters by March 1, 2018. READ MORE
Posted October 09 2017
Talk on the Historie of Biology by Prof. Dr. Werner A. Müller, 19th of October 2017, 7 p.m., Venue: Mathamatikon, INF 205, 5th floor, room 5/104 (German language!) READ MORE
Posted September 26 2017
CellNetworks Project Management Office will change accounts. READ MORE
Posted September 18 2017
Heidelberg scientists gain new insights into the development of the vascular system READ MORE
Posted September 12 2017
Universität Heidelberg research team studies function of molecular folding helpers. READ MORE
Posted September 12 2017
Live Imaging in 3D @ Nikon Imaging Center Heidelberg. Registration is now open for theannual course "Live Imaging in 3D" which will take place October 9-13, 2017. READ MORE
Posted September 04 2017
HeiNEC2 is the second international conference of SFB 1134 ('Functional Ensembles'). The unifying theme of the SFB as well as the conference is the formation and plasticity of activity patterns in neuronal networks. Assemblies of co-active neurons are a major topic at the interface between cellular and systems neuroscience. The meeting will unite leading scientists who introduce the most advanced experimental and theoretical approaches in the field. READ MORE
Posted August 29 2017
Studying molecular mechanisms of chronic pain has been an important focus of pain research. However, the nature and plasticity of neural circuits that mediate the sensory and emotional components of pain are still enigmatic. This conference organized by CellNetworks members Prof. Dr. Rohini Kuner and Prof. Dr. Herta Flor (Heidelberg Pain Consortium) will focus on interrogating, discussing and debating structural and functional understanding of circuits and networks underlying sensory and affective components of pain and their modulation by circumstances which induce structural reorganization and functional plasticity, including disease states, negative emotions and stress. READ MORE
Posted August 24 2017
There are various concepts about how blood cells develop. However, they are based almost exclusively on experiments that solely reflect snapshots. In a publication in Nature, scientists from the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg now present a novel technique that captures the process in a dynamic way. Using a "random generator", the researchers label hematopoietic stem cells with genetic barcodes that enable them to trace which cell types arise from the stem cell. This method will facilitate whole new insights into the development of various tissues as well as cancer. READ MORE