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Posted January 09 2012
Heidelberg researchers resolve daytime-based activation of genes READ MORE
Posted January 03 2012
Funding of up to 3.5 Million Euros for his project 'Synthetic Biology Approach to Adhesion-Mediated Environmental Sensing' READ MORE
Posted January 02 2012
Research team from Heidelberg University and German Cancer Research Centre lays foundations for investigation of molecular chaperones READ MORE
Posted December 30 2011
The international, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary symposium organized by Heidelberg PhD students will take place from 23 to 24 February 2012 READ MORE
Posted December 22 2011
EU-funded research project combines molecular biology with materials science READ MORE
Posted December 19 2011
Award for Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences is worth € 200,000 READ MORE
Posted December 12 2011
Heidelberg scientists investigate the retina of the medaka fish with permanent genetic cell labelling READ MORE
Posted November 24 2011
Heidelberg receives three ERC Starting Grants and seven ERC Advanced Grants for outstanding investigators READ MORE
Posted November 22 2011
In December 2011 Prof. Dr. Michael Lanzer and Prof. Dr. Elmar Schiebel will be awarded for their Research and their committment to the Hartmut Hoffmann-Berling International Graduate School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (HBIGS) READ MORE
Posted November 09 2011
A university program for newly-arrived academic staff and their families to support them in the adaption to the University of Heidelberg and to the region. READ MORE
Posted November 04 2011
Joint Press Release by Heidelberg University and German Cancer Research Center in the Helmholtz Association. READ MORE
Posted October 21 2011
Interview mit Hans-Georg Kräusslich anlässlich des Filmstarts "Contagion" READ MORE
Posted September 14 2011
Online application platform opening soon READ MORE
Posted September 13 2011
Paper in The Plant Journal paves the way for exciting new discoveries in plant developmental and cell biology READ MORE
Posted September 12 2011
ERC Starting Grants for biologist Professor Jan Lohmann and physicist Professor Selim Jochim READ MORE
Posted September 09 2011
Two articles by CellNetworks members in latest edition of research journal “Ruperto Carola” READ MORE
Posted September 05 2011
Adeno-assoziierte Viren für effizientes gene targeting in humanen Zellen READ MORE
Posted September 01 2011
New perspectives for returnees to the German scientific community READ MORE
Posted August 31 2011
DFG-Fachkollegienwahl 2011 READ MORE
Posted August 25 2011
DFG grants 1.5 million euros for research project on ribosomal development READ MORE