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Posted October 27 2010
The Nikon Imaging Center is celebrating its 5th anniversary on October 29. There will be an imaging symposium and a party after the scientific program which begins at 15:00 and will last into the night. READ MORE
Posted October 20 2010
Schwerpunkt-Artikel in der Zeitschrift "Wissenschaftsmanagement" READ MORE
Posted October 19 2010
Posted October 01 2010
Posted October 01 2010
Verleihung der „Bernard Lewis Gold Medal“ für seine Arbeiten in der Verbrennungsforschung READ MORE
Posted September 03 2010
CNC Conference
23 - 26 September 2010 Heidelberg University READ MORE
Posted August 30 2010
Nature article on the dual carreer issue, using the example of CellNetworks junior group leader Ingrid Lohmann READ MORE
Posted August 15 2010
German Research Foundation provides funding for new confocal microscope READ MORE
Posted August 02 2010
CellNetworks started a new call for applications within its Internal Funding Program - applications within the Large Equipment Program may be submitted by 20 August 2010 READ MORE
Posted July 12 2010
Integrated interdisciplinary research venture receives approx. 9.6 million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research READ MORE
Posted July 09 2010
Vom 14. bis zum 18. Juni 2010 haben zwölf Mitglieder des Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) im Rahmen der Exzellenzinitiative geförderte Graduiertenschulen sowie Graduiertenkollegs besucht. READ MORE
Posted July 01 2010
23. Juni 2010 - In einer weiteren Amtszeit betreut Thomas Pfeiffer den Bereich internationale Beziehungen READ MORE
Posted April 29 2010
Heidelberg neuroscientists verify for the first time the function of inhibiting communication / Published in “Neuron” Whether different odors can be quickly distinguished depends on certain synapses in the brain that inhibit nerve stimulation. The researchers in Professor Dr.Thomas Kuner’s team at the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology at Heidelberg University Medical School and Dr. Andreas Schäfer at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research have shown that mice in which a certain receptor in the olfactory center is missing can distinguish similar smells more quickly than mice without genetic manipulation. This behavior was directly attributed to inhibitor loops between adjacent nerve cells. READ MORE
Posted April 21 2010
Heidelberger Neurowissenschaftler weisen erstmals die Funktion hemmender Kommunikation nach / Veröffentlichung in "Neuron" READ MORE
Posted March 24 2010
Heidelberger Forscher klären Widersprüche in experimentellen Befunden zur Geschwindigkeit wachsender Netzwerke aus Biopolymeren READ MORE
Posted February 18 2010
International symposium of the cluster of excellence “Cellular Networks” READ MORE
Posted February 05 2010
Dr. Gerhard Schratt receives C.H.S. Foundation research award – Research monies amounting to 100,000 euros READ MORE
Posted February 05 2010
Research casts light on the tight evolutionary links between humans and ancient animalsThe freshwater polyp Hydra is a key model organism for modern research in evolutionary and developmental biology. READ MORE
Posted December 17 2009
Bewegungsmechanismus von Malariaerregern aufgeklärt/ Heidelberger Wissenschaftler veröffentlichen in „Cell Host & Microbe“ READ MORE
Posted December 14 2009
Mit den 'Long-Term Fellowships' werden Forschungsaufenthalte für bis zu 2 Jahren im Ausland gefördert. Mit den 'Short-Term Fellowships' fördert EMBO Forschungsaufenthalte von bis zu 3 Monaten im Ausland. READ MORE