The organization of this cluster of excellence exhibits a flat hierarchy. It consists of two bodies, the CellNetworks Steering Committee (SC) and the General Assembly (GA). The Steering Committee is composed of representatives of the cluster coordinator, the two vice coordinators as well as representatives of each CellNetworks Research Area. The General Assembly of principal investigators is responsible for the scientific program whereas the Steering Committee and the Coordinator manage the project and its intramural funding program under the scientific guidance of the advisory board and with administrative help from the Project Management Office.

The Steering Committee is elected by the General Assembly and led by the Coordinator. The Coordinator is elected by the General Assembly and is member of the Steering Committee. The Coordinator presides over meetings of the Steering Committee and General Assembly and serves as an interface for external communication. He bears the overall responsibility for the development of the Cluster. For more detailed information read CellNetworks statutes.

The Steering Committee consists of the following eight members and their deputies:


Cluster coordinator Kräusslich
Vice cluster coordinators Holstein, Melchior
Research area coordinators Bartenschlager, Brunner, Fackler, Holstein, Knop, Kuner R, Melchior, Spatz
Representatives central areas Z Boutros, Höfer, Schwarz, Sinning
Representatives non-university institutions Müller, Schlichting,
Representatives junior investigators Boulant, Schuck



The G17 Committee is responsible to identify possible strategies and research projects for the time after the second funding period of CellNetworks in 2017.


The G17 Committee consists of the following members:







Kuner R.

Lohmann J.