Research interests

Neuropeptide Group


The Neuropeptide Group will focus on the dissection of mechanisms of neuropeptide action in the brain from molecular – via anatomical – to the whole organism level. We will thus employ genetic, molecular, anatomical, viral, optogenetic and behavioral approaches to study the effects of “addressed” axonal release of various neuropeptides within the distinct brain regions controlling stress and fear responses, maternal and social behaviour. Furthermore, our group will use animal models of psychiatric diseases, including anxiety disorders and autism, to study the possible contribution of neuropeptides to the pathogenesis of the respective human diseases.


Read article: 'Anti-fear hormone oxytocin transported directly to target sites in the brain'

Read review: Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Neuroscience 13, 220-221 (April 2012)
doi :10.1038/nrn3213: Behavioural neuroscience: Taking axonal delivery of oxytocin