EcTop Deciphering functional networks from transcription to translation by exploitation of eukaryotic thermophily
The cellular machineries implicated in the decoding of genetic information are only partially understood due to the high complexity and dynamics of the involved protein complexes. During the previous funding period the first genome of a thermophilic eukaryote has been obtained by members of CellNetworks. We now plan to exploit this unique resource to systematically analyze the complex cellular machineries required for the different steps from transcription to translation in eukaryotic cells. In particular, we will analyze RNA polymerase I and III transcription complexes required for the synthesis of tRNA and ribosomal RNA, subsequent RNA processing and nuclear transport, assembly and transport of the eukaryotic ribosome, as well as ribosome-associated chaperones with the goal to elucidate the structure, interaction and regulation of this myriad of factors. Information from this work will complement and foster functional studies in mesophilic model organisms.

Bork (A, Z3), Beck, Bukau, Carlomagno, Fischer, Gavin, Hurt, Mayer (A, Z2), Koš, Lemke, Meinhart, C. Müller, Russell (C, Z3), Schröder (A, Z2), Sinning (A, Z2), Wade (A, Z)


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