EcTop Spatio-temporal coordination of signaling processes
The molecular interaction cascades in cells and along their membranes enable short and long-range signaling processes that generate output on different time scales, thereby affecting cell behavior in a highly complex manner. Specificity in signaling processes is gained by the constant interactions of cells with changing environments, e.g. other cells, pathogens or the extracellular matrix, that present a great molecular diversity and spatial organization to cells. The concerted aim of researchers in EcTop 2 is to explore the stimulusresponse behavior of cells by controllable microenvironment-mimicry with quantitative microscopy and mathematic modeling. We will initiate a number of cross-disciplinary studies where the presentation of structurally and temporally well-defined microenvironments to cells will identify the minimal molecular apparatus and interaction partners needed for inducing specific signaling across membranes.

Engel, Fackler (D), Frischknecht (D), Garcia, Gruss, Herten (Z2), Hufnagel, Knop, Nédélec, Pollerberg, Rappold (C), Schwarz, Spatz, Steinbeisser (C), Tanaka, Wittbrodt (C)