nCounter Core Facility
The CellNetworks nCounter Core Facility has been established to provide access to one of the current state of the art expression profiling technologies for the Heidelberg University research community.

The nCounter Analysis System is a complete, fully automated system for the next generation of digital gene expression and copy number analysis. By using a unique coding technology, direct counting of individual mRNA/microRNA as well as DNA molecules is possible. The technology requires only 100 ng of total RNA or equivalent amounts of a raw cell lysate or 600 ng of genomic DNA to study the expression profile or copy number of up to 800 genes from one individual sample.


People and techniques involved

The nCounter Core Facility is run by scientific (PD Dr. rer. nat. Beate Niesler) and technical staff (Kirsten Linsmeier and Ralph Röth (Dipl.-Ing.)) and is located at the Institute of Human Genetics (INF 366, 5th floor). The facility houses an Agilent Bioanalyser 2100 for the quality control of samples, an Eppendorf Mastercyler and the nCounter nanostring system for expression profiling and copy number analysis.


nCounter nanostring Core Facility