Deep Sequencing Core Facility

The CellNetworks Deep Sequencing Core Facility is being established to provide access to Next Generation Sequencing technology for the Heidelberg University research community. It is supported by the Excellence Cluster CellNetworks, Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences (HMLS) and the Heidelberg Center for Organismal Studies (COS Heidelberg).


People and techniques involved

The DeepSeqLab is run by David Ibberson, M. Sci., and is currently located in the Bioquant building (INF 267). The facility houses an Illumina GAIIx for sequencing, a cBot for cluster generation and a robust infrastructure for library preparation (Covaris, Bioanalyzer, Qubit).



The service offered by the facility is outlined below:






We prepare sequencing libraries for

  • RNA Seq

  • ChIP Seq

  • genomic DNA including exon capture

  • methyl DNA Seq


We provide sequencing analyses in single-read or paired-end mode, in steps of 36, 72 or 101 base pairs.

For analysis of large volumes of data generated with NGS technology, the DeepSeqLab has purchased the Genome Analyzer and Mapping Station from GenomatiX for bioinformatics data analysis.

Users will be supported by a Bioinformatician (to be hired) in project planning, advice on bioinformatic data analysis and introduction into the GenomatiX platform and/or into other suitable software solutions.


Who has access to the service?

The following clientele can enroll as user of the facility:

  • Members of the University of Heidelberg, including the Medical Faculties Heidelberg and Mannheim

  • Excellence Cluster CellNetworks

  • Graduate school HBIGS (Hartmut Hoffmann Berling International Graduate School of Molecular and Cellular Biology)

  • HMLS (Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences)


How to approach DeepSeqLab

Scientists interested in using the facility should contact us by mail

deepseqlab [ aT ]

to make an appointment to discuss their project. We are in the process of creating an online system for the registration of samples for library preparation and of samples which are ready for running on he GAIIx .



Users have to pay for all consumables and EDV storage costs. A detailed pricing list can be obtained upon request.



deepseqlab [ aT ]
phone +49 6221 54 51359



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