GAS2L3, a target gene of the DREAM complex, is required for proper cytokinesis and genomic stability
Authors: Wolter P, Schmitt K, Fackler M, Kremling H, Probst L, Hauser S, Gruss OJ, Gaubatz S
CellNetworks People: Gruss Oliver
Journal: J Cell Sci.

The mammalian DREAM complex is a key regulator of cell-cycle-regulated gene transcription and drives the expression of many gene products required for mitosis and cytokinesis. In this study, we characterized GAS2L3, which belongs to the GAS2 family of proteins with putative actin- and microtubule-binding domains as a target gene of DREAM. We found that GAS2L3 localizes to the spindle midzone and the midbody during anaphase and cytokinesis, respectively. Biochemical studies show that GAS2L3 binds to and bundles microtubules as well as F-actin in vitro. Strikingly, the RNAi-mediated knockdown of GAS2L3 results in chromosome segregation defects in multinucleated cells and in cells with multi-lobed nuclei. Likewise, chronic downregulation of GAS2L3 causes chromosome loss and aneuploidy. Time-lapse videomicroscopy experiments in GAS2L3-knockdown cells reveal abnormal oscillation of chromatin and the spindle during cytokinesis. Taken together, our data reveal novel, important roles of GAS2L3 for faithful cell division. Our work thus contributes to the understanding of how DREAM regulates cytokinesis.