Annual Meeting American Society for Cell Biology 2015

Mostly US citizens, the participants of ASCB link CellNetworks with Heidelberg, its beautiful castle and the gorgeous landscape. But they are also aware that it is a respectable research location with various forms of collaboration and a lot of scientific creativity.

German Academic International Network 2015

Young scientists who are currently doing research in the USA met in San Francisco to inform themselves about careers back in Germany. Most of the participants have fond memories of the people associated with CellNetworks, e.g. the Cluster coordinator Prof. Dr. Kräusslich. Biology is an over-arching keyword and is linked with outstanding facilities and top research.

Scientific Summer Symposium 2015

Participants were mostly CellNetworks members, their lab teams as well as family and friends. These people clearly link CellNetworks to science and the people around the Cluster – but also to Heidelberg, which has become their home. Strong adjectives such as great and interdisciplinary and the networking character of the CellNetworks are also recognized.