Rohini Kuner Receives 2018 Feldberg Foundation Prize
Posted January 18 2017
Prof. Dr. Rohini Kuner, CellNetworks member and speaker of the Heidelberg Pain Consortium, has received the Feldberg Foundation Prize. With the purpose of promoting scientific contact between German and English scientists within the sphere of experimental medical research, the Feldberg Foundation selects a German and a British laureate each year to establish scientific exchange lectures between the two countries.

Rohini Kuner is a Full Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology and the Director of the Institute for Pharmacology at Heidelberg University. She was trained in pharmacology, neuroscience and mouse genetics at the University of Iowa City, USA, the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg and Heidelberg University.



She is the spokesperson and leading scientist of the Heidelberg Pain Consortium, a Collaborative Research Center funded by the German Research Foundation, which spans research activities from over 40 research groups and numerous disciplines in the basic sciences as well as clinical centers addressing neural circuits mediating pain and their reorganization and plasticity in chronic pain states. Rohini Kuner’s research interests span neurobiological mechanisms underlying chronic pain disorders, elucidation of neural circuits mediating pain and other neurological disorders, cell-cell interactions in the nervous system and development of new strategies for pharmacological therapies. She is particularly known for her work on the molecular neurobiology of pain and has received several national and international scientific awards for uncovering key molecules mediating pain of inflammatory, neuropathic or cancer origin.

In recognition of the prize, Rohini Kuner will hold a lecture in England and up to two other lectures in addition.


The Feldberg Foundation

Professor Wilhelm Feldberg was born in Hamburg in 1900 and studied medicine in Heidelberg and Munich. After qualifying in 1925, he came to England for two years before returning to Berlin in 1930. In 1933 he was forced to leave Germany and was invited back to the UK by Sir Henry Dale to work with him at the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill. After research stays in Australia and other English institutes, he became Head of Physiology and Pharmacology at the National Institute for Medical Research, London, formerly Sir Henry Dale's department, and remained in that role until his official retirement in 1965 although he continued research at Mill Hill until the late 1980's.

In 1961 Feldberg used the restitution money he received from the German Government, and the pension he was given as Emeritus Professor in Germany to establish the Feldberg Foundation.



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