Taiwan: Highest Scientific Award For Hannah Monyer
Posted March 17 2017
The Taiwanese science council has honored DKFZ researcher and CellNetworks member Hannah Monyer for her groundbreaking achievements in the field of memory with the Tsungming Tu Award. The prize is the highest academic honor in Taiwan for foreign scientists and is endowed with 75,000 US dollars.

Hannah Monyer (© DKFZ)


Hannah Monyer, who has a joint appointment at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the Heidelberg University Hospital, is interested in the cells and molecules which obtain key roles in the processes of memory formation. In doing so, she and her team expect new insights into the processes of mental and neurological diseases which come along with a loss of cognitive abilities.


When it comes to learning and memory formation, an important role is assigned to so-called inhibitory interneurons which produce the neurotransmitter GABA. Monyer could show how these interneurons are connected with other nerve cells and synchronize them in milliseconds. A synchronized activity of neural circuits underlies cognitive functions.


Hannah Monyer currently concentrates on the plasticity of the brain, i.e. its adaptability which is based on the integration of new nerve cells into existing networks. For that purpose, she analyzed genes that are involved in cell birth, cell migration and cell differentiation.

Please find more information in the DKFZ press release (in German only).



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