German Research Foundation To Fund Two Groups In The Biosciences
Posted April 03 2017
Heidelberg University’s bio scientists were successful with two proposals on morphodynamics and glycosylation: The German Research Foundation (DFG) will fund the projects with a total of six million euros over the next three years. CellNetworks members Prof. Dr. Alexis Maizel and Prof. Dr. Sabine Strahl of the Centre for Organismal Studies will assume the speaker positions.

Current questions about the formation of organisms are the focus of Alexis Maizel’s group. Fundamental cell characteristics define the behavior of cell populations and organs and ultimately the so-called morphogenesis. Plant cells are connected with each other by their cell walls and are therefore immobile. As a result, they need to tightly coordinate their "behavior". This high degree of complexity is the reason, why certain aspects of the control mechanisms of plant morphogenesis are still not completely unraveled. The research group “Morphogenesis of Plants is funded with around 2.8 million euros and unites scientists from the fields of developmental biology, computer sciences and physics to obtain a holistic and quantitative understanding of  tissue morphogenesis. The developmental plasticity of plants is one of Alexis Maizel’s research foci.


Sabine Strahl investigates processes of glycosylation during which sugar molecules bind to proteins. These are one of the most important molecular modifications of proteins which take place after the translation of RNA into an amino acid sequence. Most of the proteins of humans are already glycosylated; they are differentiated by various types of glycosylation. Her research group wants to gain new insights into the ways of glycosylation on the molecular, cellular and systematic levels to better understand the causes for severe diseases, so-called Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. The DFG will fund the work with around 3.2 million euros. Sabine Strahl’s focus of research is on cell chemistry.


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