Professorium: Newly appointed Scientists introduce themselves on November, 14th 2017
Posted November 14 2017
Ruperto Carola´s President invites CellNetworks Members Prof. Dr. Marius Lemberg, Prof. Dr. Gislene Pereira, and Prof. Dr. Karsten Rippe to the Old University´s auditorium. Congratulations!

The president of Heidelberg University, Professor Bernhard Eitel, hosts the traditional "Professorium" on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 in the auditorium of the Old University. 16 newly called professors from various faculties introduce themselves to the university as well as to the academic audience. Each academic acquaints the audience with his or her professional background and research focus in short three-minute presentations. A reception at Bel Etage will be held subsequently. The event begins at 6 pm.


Prof. Dr. Markus Alber (Medical Faculty Heidelberg)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Albrecht (Faculty of Modern Languages)

Prof. Dr. Olaf Bubenzer (Faculty for Chemistry and Earth Sciencies)

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fehr (Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Jörg Heineke (Medical Faculty Mannheim)

Prof. Dr. Marius Lemberg (Faculty of Biosciences)

Prof. Dr. Steffen Lemke (Faculty of Biosciences)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Longerich (Medical Faculty Heidelberg)

Prof. Dr. Lena Maier-Hein (Medical Faculty Heidelberg)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Nowak (Medical Faculty Mannheim)

Prof. Dr. Gislene Pereira (Faculty of Biosciences)

Prof. Dr. Karsten Rippe (Faculty of Biosciences)

Prof. Dr. Carsten Rother (Department of Physics and Astronomy)

Prof. Dr. Nicole Rotter (Medical Faculty Mannheim)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Teufel (Medical Faculty Mannheim)

Prof. Dr. Hauke Winter (Medical Faculty Heidelberg)




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