BIOspective Talks from a new perspective with CellNetworks Junior Group Leader Sebastian Schuck
Posted November 22 2017
Invitation to the BIOspective Talk "The joy and pain of doing science. A personal perspective on life in academia".

There are many career options for science students, including a career in academic research. Should you choose this path, be it only for a PhD or also for a postdoc and beyond? What are the benefits and challenges of doing academic research? What should you consider to make the right career choices and have both an exciting profession and a fulfilling life outside the lab?

To give you first-hand insights, we have invited Sebastian Schuck, who heads a CellNetworks research group at the ZMBH. This BI0spective talk offers an informal forum for discussion and is your opportunity to ask a young group leader any question you like.


Sebastian Schuck studied biochemistry in Hannover and Tübingen. He completed his PhD at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden in 2004. After a postdoc at the University of California in San Francisco, he became a CellNetworks junior group leader at the ZMBH in 2013. The Schuck lab is working on mechanisms of organelle homeostasis.




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