Survival strategies: Second event in this lecture series on the topic "Chronic Pain"
Posted March 06 2018
This time CellNetworks member Prof. Dr. Rohini Kuner from Heidelberg University will present the work of SFB1158 on "Pain" and seek conversation with the public. The lecture with Prof. Dr. Rohini Kuner, Dr. Stefan Lechner, and Dr. Susanne Becker will take place at Karlstorbahnhof on 08 March 2018, 7:30 PM .

How does chronic pain develop? What is pain good for? Why does it persist, when a wound is already cured and how can one get rid of it again? Pain is in the focus of the second event within the lecture series “Survival Strategies” (Überlebensstrategien): In this lecture, Prof. Dr. Rohini Kuner, a scientist at Heidelberg University, will explain how the experience of pain and the transition from acute to chronic pain is investigated.


This lecture series is a joint effort of the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung and the Heidelberg Collaborative Research Centers dedicated to the respective research topic (SFB1158).


More information is available on the official University webpage.