BIOMS Symposium 2018 - Register now
Posted March 19 2018
BIOMS (the Center for Modeling and Simulation in the Biosciences) in Heidelberg has been an initiative starting in 2004. The initiative had the aim to establish modeling approaches in the life sciences as a central discipline in Heidelberg with an impact also elsewhere in Germany. In the end of 2018 this initiative will finally come to an end. BIOMS financed junior groups and PostDocs over the years, many of which are now full professors at different institutions in Germany

The symposium will focus on what is at the heart of BIOMS - modeling and simulation in the biosciences with a special focus on biomechanics, multi-scale processes, information processing and methods. Registration and abstract submission for contributed talks and posters is now open!


The preliminary program is available at:


Organisation Committee:

Frederik Graw

Ursula Kummer

Jürgen Pahle


Scientific Committee:

Tatjana Domratcheva (MPIMF, Heidelberg)

Frauke Gräter (HITS, Heidelberg)

Frederik Graw (BIOMS, Heidelberg University)

Thomas Höfer (DKFZ, Heidelberg)

Lars Hufnagel (EMBL, Heidelberg)

Willi Jäger (IWR, Heidelberg University)

Ursula Kummer (Bioquant/COS, Heidelberg University)

Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg University)

Franziska Matthäus (University of Frankfurt)

Francois Nédélec (EMBL, Heidelberg)

Jürgen Pahle (BIOMS, Heidelberg University)

Jochen Reinstein (MPIMF, Heidelberg)

Ulrich Schwarz (Heidelberg University)

Rebecca Wade (HITS, Heidelberg)

Matthias Weiss (University of Bayreuth)