CellNetworks again funds German course for international scientists
Posted April 23 2018
Also this semester, the International Student Centre is offering German courses for non-native scholars.

As part of the culture of welcome at Heidelberg University, the offer is supposed to make the entry into their new home easier for scientists from abroad. This time 214 international researchers, among them PhDs, postdocs and young group leaders, registered for the German course of the International Student Center to improve their German skills. 47 of this semesters’ German course participants are affiliated with CellNetworks laboratories and some of them already attended a course previously, now willing to further boost their German skills to the next level. When the participants start, their German is usually sufficient for statements like, e.g. “Ich mag Kartoffelsalat.” or “Die Rechnung bitte.”. During the course they are introduced into the German grammar and vocabulary and continuously improve their skills. The Cluster of Excellence supports the young researcher’s initiative and therefore funds the German course for participants coming from the laboratories of CellNetworks group leaders.


We wish all participants great success and fun learning German!


For further details on the funding of the German courses by CellNetworks, please contact the Project Management office:



Christine Herrmann

Assistant Managing Director

Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks

Phone +49 6221 54 51201

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