Call for HMLS Investigator Award 2018
Posted May 07 2018
The annual Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences (HMLS) Investigator Award is awarded to an outstanding scientist who is actively engaged in Life Science research in Heidelberg. The award recognizes excellence in two allied areas: research and strategic development in the Life Sciences in Heidelberg. Nominees are eligible for this program if they succeeded in initiating innovative actions for fostering scientific career development of undergraduates, graduates, PhDs, and Postdocs.

Scientific excellence, an outstanding research profile, mentoring of young scientists, and above all active participation in academic innovation of Heidelberg Molecular Life Sciences are prerequisites for the award. The general duties of professors in research, teaching and taking care of students are not in the focus of this endowment. The award is designed to support recipients in the improvement of research conditions, relief from administrative burdens and fostering of talented young researchers in their current research area.


Recipients of the HMLS Investigator Award will be internationally visible members of the Heidelberg Life Science institutions with an intensive record of interaction with the university and partner institutions.


Potential candidates may be proposed by members of the Molecular Life Sciences institutions (Faculty of Biosciences Heidelberg, Faculties of Medicine Heidelberg and Mannheim, DKFZ, EMBL, MPI-mF). Application of the award on one's own behalf is not admissible. The recipient will be selected by the HMLS Research Council. The nomination should include the completed nomination form available at


Proposals should be submitted by mail to hmls [ aT ] before June 8th, 2018.