Nacht der Forschung Heidelberg / Mannheim 28.09.2018
Posted September 24 2018
Gain a unique glimpse into the research "behind the building" with more than 100 events across astronomy, physics, robotics, molecular biology, medical research, biospheres and biodiversity, geography, education science, aging research, history of culture and technology as well as science and art.

Art exhibitions, performances, panel discussions, movies, concerts and many other great events encourage you to experiment, discover and be amazed. Nacht der Forschung aims to improve people’s understanding of science and research. Curiosity and the urge to explore aren’t exclusive to research organisations; they are a part of each and every one of us. Set out on a thrilling expedition and discover your curiosity!

In addition to insights into their individual subject areas, participating organisations offer a variety of formats, ranging from concerts to scientific experiments. If you are interested in a specific area of research, your programme can be tailored to match your interest.

Nacht der Forschung Heidelberg / Mannheim 2018 is a part of European Researchers‘ Night, an EU-finded initiative taking place on 28th September in approximately 300 European cities. In 2018, Heidelberg is one of three locations in Germany that have been selected for EU-funding.


On 28th September 2018 numerous scientific and cultural organisations in Heidelberg – as well as the TECHNOSEUM in Mannheim – will open their doors late into the night.


From 3.00pm till midnight, visitors will be able to experience numerous exciting events that offer unique insights into the variety of international research taking place in and around Heidelberg.


Countless discoveries await! Free admission to all events.



Nacht der Forschung

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