13 Highly Cited Researchers from Heidelberg University
Posted December 12 2018
Among the most cited researchers in his field is Prof. Dr Ralf Bartenschlager (Microbiology), who is on the list for the sixth successive time. Quoted for the fith successive time is Prof. Dr A. Stephen K. Hashmi (Chemistry), Prof. Dr Hugo A. Katus (Medicine), Prof. Dr Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (currently in the new categorie Cross-Field).

Also on the list for the fourth time is Prof. Andreas von Deimling (Neuro- and Behavioral Science). Once again among the “Highly Cited Researchers” are Prof. Dr Marcella Rietschel (currently in the new categorie Cross-Field). Prof. Dr Werner Hacke (this year in two research areas Medicine Neuro- and Behavioural Sciences), and Prof. Dr. Markus W. Büchler Medicine, Dr. Marcus E. Kleber, Prof. Dr. Laura Na Liu und Prof. Dr. Winfried März (each of them Cross-Field), PD Dr. Jacomine Krijnse-Locker Microbiology, and Prof. Dr. Rolf-Detlef Treede (Neuro- and Behavioral Science).


“Highly cited” publications are defined as those that rank among the top 1 percent of the most cited articles in the respective discipline and publication year. The list has existed since 2001. In 2014 it was revised for the first time and has been published annually since then. It covers about 3,400 researchers from 21 scientific fields, as well as 2,000 researchers from the new category "Cross-Field Performance".



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