Annual Course of the Nikon Imaging Center at Heidelberg University
Posted February 18 2019
Fluorescence Microscopy Course: Imaging Cells, Organoids and Organs.





The Nikon Imaging Center is again offering a microscopy course. Registration is now open for our 1 week course “Imaging Cells, Organoids and Organs" which will take place March 25-29, 2019 at the BioQuant.

This course aims at PhD, master students and Post-Docs which already have some experience with fluorescence light microscopy who want to complement their practical experience with more background and theory. In 5 morning sessions and on Wednesday afternoon, lectures will cover different areas and applications  with a new focus on thick specimen, both fixed and live (see attached flyer for a list of topics). This is also in view of our newly acquired light sheet microscope for fixed, cleared tissue (Ultramicroscope) and the inverted light sheet microscope for live samples (InVi-SPIM), which will arrive this month.


In the afternoons practicals for a limited number of students  will take place. For organisational reasons, we can only accommodate 12 students for the practicals, these will be selected based on their applications.

Registration is mandatory, all details on how to register can be found on our website.


Registration closes February 22, 2019


Best regards,

Ulrike Engel and the NIC-Team


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