Primers for PreDocs – Strategies for a successful doctorate
Posted April 23 2019

When you are doing your PhD you are managing a huge project – this means you do not only need competences in your field of research but also other relevant skills. Doctoral candidates should manage their time, teach seminars, present their research, show intercultural sensitivity working in multinational teams, prepare themselves for a job after their PhD, maybe take care of an own family and much more.

In our event series “Primers for PreDocs – Strategies for a successful doctorate” several speakers will talk about these aspects in short lectures! A reception after the talks will give you the opportunity to discuss with the speakers.


On 8 May we will kick off our event series in the summer semester with two lectures on “Project Management”:

11 am–12 am: Projektmanagement (in German) Registration

Trainer: Dr. Christian De Schryver, TU Kaiserslautern

Description: Obwohl die Wissenschaft nicht unbedingt projektgesteuert sein muss, werden die meisten Forschungsvorhaben als solche ausgeschrieben und finanziert. Dieser Vortrag führt in das Wesen von Projekten ein und stellt Grundlagen von Projektmanagement und Standard-Vorgehensmodelle vor. Weiterhin werden Werkzeuge und ihre mögliche Anwendung im Bereich Wissenschaft präsentiert.


12 am–1 pm: Lecture "Project Management" Registration

Trainer: Dr. May-Britt Becker, Universität Heidelberg, Cluster CellNetworks

Description: What is project-management, how does self-management work? What is so special about writing a PhD thesis? This talk will explain how to identify and apply the right project-management instruments in a scientific context, beginning with the theoretical terms and structural factors to practical tips.


All lectures take place at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Hauptstr. 120, 69117 Heidelberg (directions). We warmly invite you to our lectures! 

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