lluminating G-Protein-Coupling Selectivity of GPCRs
Posted July 04 2019
Scientists from the CellNetworks Group of Prof. Rob Russell and their colleagues from Sendai-University Japan exaime how human cells react on and process external signalling.

credits: Thomas Splettstoesser


Read more about the new theme from the Russell lab on thei website or in the university´s newsroom (only available in German)


Original publication:

A. Inoue, F. Raimondi, F. M. N. Kadji, G. Singh, T. Kishu, A. Uwamizu, Y. Ono, Y. Shinjo, S. Ishida, N. Arang, K. Kawakami, J.S. Gutkind, J. Aoki, R. Russell: Illuminating G-protein coupling selectivity of GPCRs. Cell. Volume 177, Issue 7, 13 June 2019, Pages 1933-1947.e25.



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