Heidelberg Team receives Grand Prize at IGEM World Jamboree
Posted November 08 2013
In Search of the Philosopher's Stone - Heidelberg Student Team Brings World Championship in Synthetic Biology to Germany

Under the guidance of Barbara Di Ventura, Roland Eils (CellNetworks Member) and Dominik Niopek from the eilslabs, the Heidelberg iGEM team has received the 2013 Grand Prize at the international iGEM competition at the MIT in Boston.




The team has been searching nothing less than a philosopher's stone, ie a substance that can turn waste into gold, in the last months.

After succesful qualification and winning the Best Poster Prize at the European Jamboree in Lyon in October, yesterday the project was awarded the main prize of the "Undergraduate" section and won first place in the category "Foundational Advance" for their vision to produce synthetic peptides by NRPS in E. coli.


For further information about the IGEM group, please have a look at the eilslabs website and the IGEM group website.


A more detailed information in German is available at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung