CellNetworks Research Films Online via Youtube, Facebook and Twitter
Posted November 24 2016
This year, CellNetworks has produced four short films about the fascinating research of some of its cluster members – topics range from the functionality of the capsaicin receptor TRPV1 and ultrafast protein bindings to the effect of genetic interactions on living cells or how mere curiosity opens unexpected windows in research. The results can be viewed via our social media channels Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. A fifth film will follow until the end of the year.

Don’t expect classic documentaries! The idea of the films was to dig up the humoristic side of research, and as such we tried to find unusual analogies which explain what the scientists are working on. Or is breakdancing on your mind when you think about protein to protein bindings?



The project was a great experience for all of us, had we to learn how science and science papers can be transferred into a completely different medium – the film. First, we needed to find a clear message: What is the research actually about? Then it was all about finding a visual that fits to that message, a very difficult task, especially because the films needed to be short and catchy. But it was worth the effort. The responses on Twitter and Facebook demonstrate that the films have already travelled across the world and the research at CellNetworks is followed more attentively outside campus.  Take a look yourself!



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