Carl Zeiss Foundation: PhD and Postdoc Programs 2017
Posted December 13 2016
The Carl-Zeiss Foundation has opened its PhD and Postdoc program for 2017. Topics for this year are: Life Sciences (without medicine and pharmaceutics), Chemistry and digitalization projects with reference to the Life Sciences or Chemistry

Applications by the faculties are supposed to be handed in by the Research Division of the university, due to the fact that each university is only allowed to hand in up to five applications for PhD grants and up to three applications for Postdoc grants. The Rectorate will be responsible for the final election.


Applications with all necessary documents have to be handed in both electronically and by mail.


The deadline for applications at the Research Division is January 9, 2017.


For consultation at the Research Division, please contact Dr. Christoph Siart. He is happy to answer your questions.


Further information is available at



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