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Sebastian Schuck, Group Leader, ZMBH, Universität Heidelberg, CellNetworks Member

BioQuant, Seminar room 041, Im Neuenheimer Feld 267

BIOspective - M. Sc. Molecular Bioscience

We are pleased to invite you for the fifth installment of BIOspective on December 4th in the BioQuant. Like before will the talk place in SR041 at 6 pm. This time Dr. Sebastian Schuck, CellNetworks junior group leader at the ZMBH, will introduce and showcase critical steps in pursuing the path of academic research. Besides focussing on a career in science and their benefits and challenges, he will also point out how a fulfilling life outside the lab and the exciting profession can work hand in hand. You can see this as an opportunity to ask a young group leader any question you like.


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