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Prof. Dr. Andrew Fire, Departments of Pathology and Genetics, School of Medicine, Stanford University, California, USA

EMBL, Large Operon, Meyerhofstraße 1

Lars Steinmetz

The Stanford | EMBL Life Science Alliance is pleased to present the first lecture in its Bridging Excellence Lecture Series, given by Professor Andrew Fire. In 2006,Dr. Fire was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work with Craig Mello on RNA interference in C. elegans. The discovery of this process of RNA regulation and method for controlling gene expression has become standard in modern biology. He continues his world-renowned research on gene regulation and understanding how cells and organisms respond to change. Furthermore, the Fire lab has made great advances in the use of CRISPR technology for RNA modification, thereby increasing the range of potential applications. Through the Bridging Excellence Lecture series, EMBL and Stanford alternate hosting distinguished scientists from the other collaborating institute. The lecture series is open to the public and scientists from other institutes in the area.


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