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Invited guest lecturer: Dr. Maria Elena Torres-Padilla, Epigenetics and cell-fate in early mammalian development, Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells, HMGU Munich, Munich, Germany; further talks by: Jose Paulo Lorenzo, Division of Molecular thoracic Oncology, DKFZ Heidelberg; Alena Giwojna, Division of Molecular Biology of the Cell II, DKFZ Heidelberg; Dr. Weijun Feng, Division of Molecular Neurogenetics, DKFZ Heidelberg; Dr. Pavlo Lutsik, Computational Epigenomics, DKFZ Heidelberg; Dr. Sam Corless, Regulators of Centromere Identity and Function, ZMBH, Heidelberg; Jorge Trojanowski, Division of Chromatin Networks, DKFZ & BioQuant Center, Heidelberg

ZMBH, Seminar room, ground floor, Im Neuenheimer Feld 282

DKFZ -ZMBH Alliance: Sylvia Erhardt (ZMBH) and Frank Lyko (DKFZ)


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