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Prof. Dr. Rasmus Schröder, BioQuant, CellNetworks Member

Peterskirche, Plöck 70

Fakultät für Biowissenschaften der Universität Heidelberg

The field of biosciences started out with research focusing on the determination and description of animals, plants and microbes. Since the second half of the last century, the biosciences are facing a change. Biology, medicine and related disciplines are now summarized as the so-called “life sciences” and often give new insights into human health, disease or show the impacts of human behaviour on other living beings. Today, the focus of life sciences is to understand processes enabling life - from single-cellular organism to human beings - with highest resolution and precision. Heidelberg is one of the major locations in Germany for research in the field of life sciences. This is not solely the credit of the Universities’ institutes and centres, but also due to excellent university partner research institutions. In this context, Frauke Melchior, dean of the Faculty of Biosciences, is happy to announce the lecture series “Akademische Mittagspause - From A to Z” consisting of more than 50 events, which show the diversity, spectrum, and performance of research in life sciences, here in Heidelberg. The speakers of this event are not all members of the Faculty of Biosciences but also come from other faculties which are mutually connected with each other.

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